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Let us answer a couple of commonly asked questions:

What is Schlotzsky's,? Is it Polish, Russian, or What??

None of the Above! We're Texas/New Orleans , developed by a Texan who loved the Muffaletta style sandwiches available only at the Central Grocery in New Orleans. To save himself the drive he developed a secret formula for baking the special bread from which he made only one sandwich which he called the "Schlotzsky" -an affectionate name he had dreamed up. This sandwich became so popular among his friends that he decided to try and sell it. He did so with fabulous success for ten years. We call this sandwich the "Original". We know you're going to love it as well as over a dozen other sandwiches we make with the same unique bread.

What's so special about Schlotzsky's?

Nobody, and do we mean nobody makes bread like ours, baked fresh daily from scratch Jalepeño/Cheddar, Sourdough, Wheat and Dark Rye. Our meats are prepared especially for us and are of absolute top quality-garlic flavored New Orleans style Roast Beef, Prime Ham, lean and tender Pastrami and Corned Beef, our old world Cotto and Genoa Salami, Rosemary cured Breast of Chicken, Smoked Turkey and wonderful Tuna Salad packed with Tuna, not filler. Great sourdough crust pizzas like BBQ Chicken, Turkey Jalepeño and Chicken & Pesto. Fresh Salads- three different Chefs, Caesar, Tossed, Potato and Cole Slaw. We now specialize in Great Gumbos-Spicy Chicken, Shrimp & Okra, Vegetable Creole or Seafood Gumbo, one available each day. Our family's daily involvement makes us special!

We also have catering solutions for any occasion! We can help you with your business meetings, receptions, kids parties and more.

Come in and taste the best sandwich in Napa!
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